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Sound Ideas, Ultrasound Technology

Piezo Innovations is a new company that has been founded to provide clients with transducer analysis software and a consultant service in the field of ultrasonic and acoustic applications.

The founder, George Bromfield, has 40 years of experience and expertise including the design and manufacture of naval, medical, and industrial transducers and sensors. He has a unique blend of complementary theoretical and practical skills and a proven record of cooperation and innovation when working with clients.

The mission of the company can be summarized as follows:

To be a leader in selected applications that use piezo transducers/sensors and their control systems

Maintain a balance of internal and customer funded projects

Consultant Service
To provide a comprehensive service to selected strategic clients that includes both project engineering and staff training activities associated with transducer/sensor design, manufacture and testing.

Transducer design software and specialist materials test data



  Sound Ideas, Ultrasound Technology   
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